Work : 2D / 3D and VFX animation
Client : VIU MEDIA
Partnership : Raphael Jolicoeur (Producer) and Caravane Studio (Artistic direction)
Details : Algorithms explainer video
Making of

To take charge of the post-production of an amazing project like this one has been a great pleasure. In partnership with our loyal collaborators VIÜ MEDIA and Caravane Studio, this film aimed to raise youth awareness about algorithms used in the web universe. While Caravane constructed and directed the film set, MUXMO took care of all the phases of post-production. A complex project in which the editing required special attention, due to the need to assemble for all of the scenes several shots of the same actions. The project also involved the creation of special effects including animation of graphical interfaces, motion tracking, keying of green screens, adding precise camera movements, colorization and more. Take the time to analyze the final video and try to dissociate the real from the virtual.