The studio

Who are we?

MUXMO is a multimedia creation studio specializing in producing 2D / 3D digital content and designing innovative audiovisual experiences. Our polyvalent team is a partner of choice for your marketing, advertising, events, performing arts, film, television, Web and communication needs.

For several years now, we have worked relentlessly to offer our customers a service that meets their expectations. We offer tailor-made support and advices to make your experience simple and efficient.

What exactly can we do?

Motion design, interactive presentation tools, 2D / 3D animation videos, VFX special effects, interactive installations, 3D models, video projections, mapping, digital sets, digital imagery, 3d rendering and more.

The MUXMO advantage

Our multidisciplinary team is passionate about blending artistic styles and different content creation technologies. Working with us means having access to your own multimedia creation and video post-production department.




Mastermind in communications, business development and seasoned project manager, Louis is loquacious. He definitely is the one you will be talking to when doing business with MUXMO. If he’s not in MUXMO mode, he’s sleeping and that doesn’t happen often.



Production manager, Simon is the digital genius of the team. He was doing Photoshop at age 5, editing at age 8 and after effects even before the software existed. In addition to being a wonderful father and an impressive guitarist, he has A + health according to his insurer. If there’s someone that won’t let you down, it’s him.


Multimedia Artist

Multimedia rookie of the year by day and podcast star by night, Jessy is passionate about everything that is digital. He is involved in all projects and all challenges. Extremely talented, rumor has it that his dream is to go past Simon in video skills or on his bike.


3D Artist

Fan of video games and extreme sports, Sam is recognized for the love he has for his profession. “I love 3D” is his motto and he doesn’t say that just to tease us, it really shows when you work alongside him.


Motion Design and Illustration

Don’t be fooled by her legendary calm. If Ève is silent, it is because she is focused on producing wonderful things. With a pencil stroke that adapts to any project and a keen interest in the world of video animation, Ève is a great asset to our team.



Artistic Director

Design and current artistic trends hold no secrets for her and that is why she has our total confidence. Legendary sartorial swag, impeccable talent, Molly is an artist at heart, even her dog is a true work of art.


3D Specialist

Having the absolute record for the fastest mouse clicker, Antoine is a real 3D creation machine. Future Bitcoin millionaire, his humor and general knowledge surprise us every day.


Technological director

Known to everyone in the field of multimedia installations, he has been around the MUXMO team since the first day of the creation of the company. Phil is an inventor, a handyman, an engineer but above all a master of technological innovation.